Friday, March 24, 2017

Being Up Front

As many of you know - being the ones that take all the photos the Mom's rarely appear on our blogs as they are always behind the camera and not in front of it........but while Katie's Mom was visiting she was able to get many candid shots of Mom - so here is MY Mom :) Now you may also notice Mom is rugged up in all these pictures - that is because this past week it has been cold in the mornings (40-50 degrees) and warm in the afternoons (75-85 degrees). We always go out in the early morning as we furbabies prefer it cooler even if Mom doesn't :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunset with my sweetie

I asked the beautiful Princess Katie what she would like to do on our last night together and she said she wanted to go to the beach again so off we went and we were so lucky - we actually got to see the sun setting. Katie and her Mom also got to have a run on the beach and had a great time. The peeps were also happy as they got to watch 2 ships leaving for the open ocean. We have had the most wonderful time together and my in-paws are just the most wonderful people who totally adored me :) Can you believe - they even liked the Dweeb!

Come on peeps - we don't want to see the ships
Let's get these leads off so we can RUN !
A man and his dog :)
Let's play Mom
Denny being brave and heading across the beach
Let's play some more
Hurry up the sun is getting ready to set
Enough photos already - we will miss it
Ahhhhhhh there it goes - bootiiiiiiiiful
Perfect last evening

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Can you believe the parents went off and left us yesterday - they said it would be too crowded and warm to take us with them - bah humbug we say - we were just ABANDONED so they could go have fun !!!!!. Anyway - they went to St Augustine and here are some pics they took - WITHOUT US! First stop was the Castle De San Marcos which was built in 1672. The folks said they were all a bit disappointed by it - there is very little information displayed about the Castle and the tour and video they had wasn't at all informative. It is in a pretty location though. Next stop was the St Augustine Lighthouse built in 1874 it is one of the tallest in the USA which the folks say they can attest too as they climbed all 280 steps to the top - can you believe that - are they crazy!!!!! The lighthouse had an excellent tour and it as part of the Smithsonian Institute as they are also doing marine archeology and cataloguing the almost 300 ship wrecks along the Florida coast.
Bruce and Dawn at Castle De San Marcos
Come any closer boat and I will shoot you!
The pointy bit at Castle De San Marcos
One of the many canons
Keeping watch over St Augustine
Mom taking a rest
St Augustine Lighthouse
How cool with the sun behind the light
Huff Puff - are we there yet ????
Climbing to the top
Bruce and Dawn at the top
The view from the lighthouse

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunrise with my sweetie

Yesterday I took my Princess Katie and her parents down to the beach to watch the sunrise - it was wonderful. We got to watch the sun rise side by side and then we got to run free on the beach and play with the folks. We have LOTS of photos to share :)
Waiting for the sun to come up
Still waiting - are you sure it is rising today Mom?
Woo Hoo - Wind in the ears
Boo Hoo - it is messing up my hair :)
Finally - Mr Sun is coming
And there he is !
Can we run now?
I am off and gallumphing !
Skimmers catching fish
Smile every one !
Nooooooooo - not another photo!
You better have treats Mom!
My future in-laws :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Meeting the parents

My beautiful Princess Katie came all the way back to Florida to see me again and this time she bought both her parents - it is after all the 'proper' thing to do to meet both parents when you get engaged. Needless to say the parents both totally adore me and I think I have them both wrapped around my jippy old paws :) We have LOTS of photos together which we share over the next few days as we have been spending a lot of time together - just the two of us. (That silly dweeb brother of mine Denny - got too excited the other day when the UPS man knocked at the door and slipped on the floor hurting his back leg. It is just a strain but he is house rest only for the week so he hasn't been able to annoy chaperone  us.)

I have been taking Katie and her parents to all MY parks and beaches and showing them MY favorite places. Below are pictures of when we went to my Cowspotdog Arboretum Gardens. Oh - remember that weird carved wood stump from the other day - well it turns our it is actually a carving of a gopher tortoise (they live in the park). When you look at is from a different angle you can see it better :)
We make a happy couple
Ms Dawn thinks we are the cutest
What is that in the bushes?
Bench Henge
Camphor Wood Tortoise
I will just adore you from behind this bush :)